1106, 2015

850 °C glow wire test

850°C glow wire test of  diffuser of LED panel light According to EN 60598-1:2008+A11, clause 13.2: Resistance to heat: External parts of insulating material providing protection against electric shock, and parts of insulating material retaining current-carrying parts or SELV parts in position shall be sufficiently resistant to heart. The temperature of the glow wire must be [...]

2705, 2015

IK06 LED panel

Durable IK06 LED panel lights SGSLight TLP LED panel series have been tested by TUV and rated to be IK06. What is the IK rating? The IEC 62262 IK rating classifies the level of protection that electrical appliances provide against mechanic impacts from outside.  IK rating is [...]

2605, 2015

IP65 LED panel

IP65 LED panel lights for dusty or wet environments The IP65 LED panels are designed for applications in dusty or wet / damp environments where before this was just not possible with normal LED panels.  It is also ideal for the clean room requirements.  SGSLight offers IP65 processing for all our TLP LED [...]

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