IP65 LED panel

SGSLight IP65 LED panel light is your best choice for the spray booth, operating room, kitchen and food industry etc., with clean surface, no glue and other dirt, featuring UGR < 16, designed for the above applications.  SGSLight offers IP65 processing for all our TLP LED panel series, which means any LED panel versions you want can be processed to be IP65 for the special applications.

596×596 IP65 LED Panel 296×1196 IP65 LED Panel

There is also IP65 LED panel available in special sizes, click here for detailed information.

Check the QC testing process video here

SGSLight IP65 LED panel light is tested by TUV laboratory according to Clause 9.2.2, Clause 9.2.6 of EN 60598-1:2008+A11.  The TUV testing report is here.

See the testing video here

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