850°C glow wire test of  diffuser of LED panel light

According to EN 60598-1:2008+A11, clause 13.2:

Resistance to heat:
External parts of insulating material providing protection against electric shock, and parts of insulating material retaining current-carrying parts or SELV parts in position shall be sufficiently resistant to heart.

The temperature of the glow wire must be as follows:

for general lighting in closed horizontal escape routes and stairways
for general lighting which covers more than 25 % of the building’s grounds

for luminaires of general purpose in publicly accessible buildings

for luminaires of general purpose that are installed in all emergency exits

SGSLight  TLP LED panel adopts the PS diffuser with 850°C glow wire tested.

TUV 850°C glow wire test

850°C glow wire test is tested by TUV laboratory according to Clause 13.2.2 of EN 60598-1:2008+A11.  The TUV 850°C glow wire test report is here.