How does led panel work with DALI

I think you will agree with me when i say the world is more and more intelligent, but how could we control the indoor led light dimmable better, such as matching the sunshine flux.

Here’s what I mean: DALI Dimmable LED panel light

Having a dimmable lighting system offers you great benefits in managing your lighting system.

These benefits include:  Energy saving supporting your visual needs for good lighting and giving control over your lighting. The advent of digital dimming solutions such as DALI Dimmable LED panel light gives you a better option for controlling your lighting.

The digital systems have clear advantages over the analog system.

Did it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not.

Such digital dimming system can be applied in almost any lighting scenario where the traditional analog system was used. It serves the same purposes such as visual needs, daylight harvesting, personal control and scheduling among others. In addition it can be used for intelligence light control, two-way communication scenarios and for flexibility.

You might be wondering: What is DALI Lighting Control system mentioned here?

DALI lighting control system is a standardized dimming protocol jointly developed by a number of lighting equipment manufacturers. It enables the connection of lighting equipment produced by different manufacturers in the same lighting system.

Want to see how it works popular worldwide right now?

DALI has its origins in Europe although it is now widely implemented in many other locations on Earth. The DALI lighting control system is designed in such a way that it permits the digital controlling of each lighting fixture in a given lighting system.

It uses a low voltage two-way communication protocol that allows for sending and receiving messages from the fixtures. This protocol is thus an important tool in the transfer of information, control integration and monitoring within the system.

A typical DALI lighting control system can allow for addressing of up to 64 individual fixtures divided into 16 control zones. This makes the communication protocol within the system insensitive to polarity.

Want to know the best part of How SGSLight LED panel light work with the DALI system?

DALI lighting control system is one of the newer generations of lighting control protocol which has adapted the Manchester encoding transmission.

It is widely used in:

grouping dimming, different scenic mode set lighting, addressing dimming and brightness tracking among other settings.

These systems can be found in:

shopping malls, hotels and entertainment joints among other places where the advantage of intelligent lighting control is required.

A DALI-based digital control system example as following:


So,  what components do we need if DALI dimmer control system ?

Here it is the answer:

Main power wires, DALI control wires,

DALI power supply, DALI scence control, DALI sensor,DALI dimmable led light(  DALI driver+ LED panel light)

DALI controller/DALI bus, network gateway, Lighting control system, Building management system and so on.


LED panel light is a standard lighting that is converted into the DALI Dimmable LED panel light by adding on the DALI driver add-on.

The DALI driver add-on brings with it the DALI protocol bus-mastering which lends much reliable and superior dimming function to the LED panel light.

The DALI bus-mastering protocol uses dimmable ballast to intelligently master match your lighting. It works well with a majority of equipment that follows the DALI protocol such as the SGSLight LED panel light.

But wait, there’s more: the system employs a single multi-core cable to send duplex digital date between the components of the system.

The control options for the DALI dimmable LED light panel include centralized systems such as an automation system or computer and local controls inform of occupancy sensors, manual dimmers and photosensors.

I’ll bet you can guess what happened next. This is crazy if there is the whole DALI system with led lights, it is really the true sense of energy saving and intelligent controlled.

dimmable control with dali according to the sunlight

After all,if you would love to enjoy the benefits that DALI Lighting Control system offers then you are at the right place.

We SGSLight offer several light dimming solutions to help you customize and effectively use your lighting systems. Our top DALI drivers include the TAIWAN MEANWELL driver and other DALI driver optional. It is important to note that the other DALI driver options are normal Chinese brand driver, may come with different budgets.

And we don’t stop there; do you think DALI is better than the other control systems? Which one do you prefer, don’t forget to let us know your comments.