LED panel light components  dissection

What do you have to know about the LED panel light components?  What are the key components making up of an LED panel light?   What functions are they for?  Here we go:

Light Reflector

Light reflector is used to improve light efficacy for the purpose of high brightness. It is made from translucent nanoscale material, of which the reflective rate can reach up to 92%.


LGP (Light Guide Panel) is the key component of LED panel light.  A qualified LGP has the three features: Anti-discolour, high lumen output rate and high uniformity.  We use the MITSUBISHI PMMA material, with the dots printed by laser.

LED light source

High lumen efficacy LM80 2835 SMD LEDs are used for our LED panel light.  Thanks to the low voltage and big size (max 26x46mil) LED chip, we can achieve higher lumen efficacy and longer lifetime.


Diffuser is the “coat” of the LED panel, the last layer to achieve the light smoothness.  For the safety, it has to be fire resistant.  Our diffuser is with 850 glow wire tested.

Aluminium Frame

Aluminium fame is the heat sink of LED light source, which lifetime is affected by the heat.  As we know, the L70 lifetime will be faster with more heat.  We adopt the aviation grade aluminium which is with very good heat conductivity.

To achieve the high lumen efficacy and reliability, SGSLight always choose the components of world-class brand.  Learn more from the following picture.

Light Reflector

Japanese TORAY frosted enhanced
light reflector


Japanese MITSUBISHI LGP, with
enhanced laser printing dots

Advanced LEDs

LM80 2835 SMD LED, 180 lm/W lumen efficacy
NanoGap™ Technology

PS diffuser

Fire resistance, 850℃ glow wire tested

Aluminium Frame

Aviation grade aluminium frame
ElecCoat™ Technology