Quality LED light source for LED panel

Quality comes from every minor detail, especially for LED light source.  SGSLight adopts the reliable LM80 2835 SMD LEDs with 26×46 mil* chip size which is normally used for 1W LED.

To ensure the color consistency and uniformity of our LED panel, a strong binning code system is built to record the color and performance of LEDs used for each order.

Besides LM80 approved, a series of testing of the LEDs will be done to ensure the performance and reliability.  Check the following picture to learn more.

* TLP-X series only

Efficient Phosphor

Efficient phosphor increases lumen efficacy, and keeps
SDCM<6, which means good color consistency.
105℃ temperature resistance ensures longer lifetime.

Low Voltage LED Chip

Adopting 2.9V low voltage LED chip, this is the reason why we can
get longer lifetime and high lumen efficacy.

Copper Heat Sink

45℃ per watt heat resistance, the best cooler
for LED chip. Just 8℃ higher than the temperature
of the solder point.

Silver Reflector

Higher reflecting rate, creating higher brightness.

LED panel light source